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2021 Global xEV Electric Drive System Conference, the Most P

2021-07-14   298

​On June 17-18, 2021, the "2021 Global xEV Electric Drive System Technology and Industry Conference" hosted by NE Times was successfully held in Jiading, Shanghai. On behalf of the company were lively discussions on topics such as "BEV electric drive system key technology and development", "hybrid system technology progress and challenges", "electric drive system integration & power domain solutions", "electric drive system control & power semiconductor technology", "electric drive system technology and key material technology". There were 46 keynote speeches in the 2-day forum, and the total number of participants was nearly 700.

2021 China's Leading Electric Drive Industry Chain-Most Potential Enterprise Award



Forum: Electric Drive System Integration & Power Domain Solutions
Topic: Miniaturization Design Technology of New Energy Vehicle Motor Drive System


Speakers: Zhuhai Inbel Electric, Liu Hongxin

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The automobile industry is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. China's new energy automobile industry, from trial and exploration to radical government subsidies, has become increasingly rational and gradually led by market demand, and the creation of high-quality new energy vehicles has become the industry consensus. Along the way, some companies have left the market sadly, but more companies are still sticking to their original aspirations and moving forward with their dreams. In order to achieve the national strategic goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", China's auto industry will continue to accelerate its transformation to electrification.


Electric drive, as the core component of electric vehicles, determines the future popularity and long-term development of electric vehicles. The NE era has joined forces with electric drive industry experts and many leading electric drive companies to witness the vigorous development of companies that have not forgotten their original intentions and are full of hard work and innovation. I also look forward to taking this forum to help the electric drive industry exchanges and achieve win-win cooperation and common challenges for more companies!