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[Typical case] Enpower Electric: Independent research and de

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Introduction: Zhuhai Enpower Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on independent innovation and product research and development of electric vehicle electrical system technology. With the corporate development concept of "independent research and development, and co-innovating the future of the energy automobile industry", Enpower will plan the development of the enterprise in accordance with the industry's highest technical standards for electric vehicle drive systems and vehicle control systems in the future to help the development of new energy vehicles in the future!
Guangdong Science and Technology: Please briefly introduce the basic situation of the company.
Enpower: The company was established in 2005 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market on July 25, 2017. The company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the independent innovation and product development of electric vehicle motor control system technology. Its main business includes electric vehicle power systems (motors, motor controllers), power systems (car chargers, DCDC converters) and new energy Research and development, production and sales of key components such as automotive powertrains, powertrains, and electronic accelerators. The company has 900 employees and a R&D team of about two to three hundred people. It has formed two R&D and innovation teams, Liu Hongxin team (electric drive system) and He Wentao team (power system).

The chairman of the company, Dr. Jiang Guibin (first from right in the back row), guides the work

Product review meeting of the company's R&D department
With the joint efforts of the team members, Enpower currently has more than 100 authorized patents, and has achieved good technical results and market recognition in the electric field vehicles, medium and low speed electric vehicles, and small pure electric passenger car markets. It has obtained innovative results in power electric and control technology, and has achieved more supporting application results for vehicle manufacturers in high-speed medium and large electric passenger vehicles.
Guangdong Science and Technology: As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of electrical systems for electric vehicles and clean energy vehicles, what advantages does the company have in terms of R&D, production and sales of key components for new energy vehicles? What results have been achieved?
Enpower: At present, the biggest difference between the company and other parts manufacturers lies in the six core components independently researched and developed by the company—motors, electric controls, gearboxes, on-board chargers, DC/DC converters, and high-voltage power distribution. The box has covered all parts of the power system of new energy vehicles and has realized R&D, production and sales. Different integrated products can be provided according to the needs of different customers. The major achievements of Enpower in the past two years include: obtaining the ASIL D-level process system certificate that meets ISO26262:2018 issued by SGS (Swiss General Notary); developing a motor controller based on SiC single-tube parallel connection and high Integrated products such as the electric drive assembly (three-in-one) and power supply assembly (three-in-one), such as integration, high reliability and cost-effectiveness, have reached the international advanced level.
Company building
Guangdong Science and Technology: Please talk about your views on the technical issues of the core components of China's new energy vehicles. What difficulties and problems did the company encounter in the process of research and development of new energy vehicle-related parts and components, and how did they overcome them?
Enpower: We think that the core component technology questions of China's new energy vehicles mainly has two "stuck necks", one is power semiconductors and the other is control chip CPU. After two years of development, these two problems have basically been resolved. In 2018, the global IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) shortage has promoted the rapid development of the domestic IGBT industry, such as the development of semiconductor manufacturers such as Star, Hongwei, and BYD. The current domestic IGBT market share has reached more than 70% Among them are some internationally renowned OEMs. Recently, domestic manufacturers have completely mass-produced the control chip CPU, and have completely replaced imports.

The company has encountered two main difficulties during its development in recent years. One is technical difficulties. Overcoming this difficulty requires technical personnel to work hard, and at the same time need to vigorously introduce talents. Through hard work, Enpower Electric has made breakthroughs in copper rotor welding technology, electric control single-tube parallel current sharing technology, high-efficiency and low-cost design technology for permanent magnet synchronous motors, and magnetic integration technology for power supplies. The second difficulty is the management bottleneck. The company's customer level is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for Inbel Electric will become higher and higher. Enpower not only needs to improve the management ability of the existing team through external management training, but also needs to continue to introduce the management of well-known car companies Experienced talents to meet the company's R&D and production management needs.、、

 The company avoids the placement technology (SMT) smart workshop

Guangdong Science and Technology: What is the ecological environment of Guangdong's new energy automobile industry?
Enpower: The new energy automobile industry chain in Guangdong Province is relatively complete. There are battery manufacturers represented by BYD and Yinlong, and there are motor electronic control and electric drive manufacturers represented by Enpower, Inovance, Dayang Electric, etc. , There are power system manufacturers represented by Megmeet, Xinrui, Enpower, etc., and the three-electric system industry in Guangdong Province is relatively complete. At the same time, the smart car industry ecological environment represented by Huawei and ZTE is being built and improved. In short, the ecological environment of Guangdong's new energy automobile industry is at a leading level in China. Among them, the traditional car companies are represented by Guangzhou Automobile and BYD, and the new forces are represented by Baoneng, Xiaopeng and Evergrande. They are also in a leading position in the country.

Guangdong Science and Technology: What suggestions does the company have to further promote the technological innovation and industrial development of new energy vehicles in Guangdong? Please talk about the views and suggestions of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department on the deployment of scientific research on the technical issues of the core components of new energy vehicles.
Enpower: To further promote the technological innovation and industrial development of new energy vehicles in Guangdong Province, it is necessary to focus on the advantages of the parts and components industry chain in Guangdong Province. On the basis of meeting the needs of enterprises in Guangdong Province, it will actively enter other domestic provinces and the international market. The government plays a supporting and guiding role. In addition, the government should give priority support to break through the "stuck neck" problems of power semiconductors and power electronic components (PEBB), control CPUs, industrial design software, hydrogen fuel cells, etc., and realize 100% localization of core components of new energy vehicles within 5-10 years .
(The picture in this article was provided by the interviewed company)