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Sihao E10X is coming, and Enpower boosts electric trendy car

2021-04-15   232

Jianghuai Automobile, in which Volkswagen Group is a shareholder, is undoubtedly one of the most watched car companies among traditional car manufacturers. After Volkswagen’s continuous empowerment of “comprehensive benchmarking, full line compliance, and full-speed common standards”, Jianghuai Passenger Cars operates independently of “favourable timing, geographical and human conditions" Sihao, which wears the "Lightning" logo, has moved from a new energy brand to a new joint venture brand, taking on the mission of independent operation of the JAC passenger car brand and enhancing JAC's position in the passenger car market.


Relying on the advantages of joint ventures, Sihao New Energy will integrate into the genes of the public from the source of product development, and fully demonstrate the "German quality" from the production platform, quality management to product capabilities. As an important partner of Sihao New Energy, Impel Electric is proud of the rapid upgrade of Jiangxi Automobile Group. At the same time, for the company's opportunity to integrate into the Volkswagen industry chain, it will be fully prepared to accept the quality test of the market.

As the domestic A00-class pure electric vehicle market continues to be hot, more and more people, especially the new generation of trendy young people, are more willing to spend a small amount of money to choose electric vehicles as an "improved" mode of transportation. The advantages of not having a license plate and being compact and flexible are becoming more and more obvious. Sihao New Energy's blockbuster product Sihao E10X has stylish appearance, colorful color scheme, popular quality, and trendy intelligent experience, which may recreate the "sacred car" of urban commuting.


Si Hao E10X light driving texture equipped with Enpower drive assembly

As power, Si Hao E10X will be equipped with a drive motor model PM245101 produced by Zhuhai Impel Electric Co., Ltd. The four models with a range of 150km and 200km have a maximum power of 30kW (41 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 95N·m. In addition, the three models with a range of 302km use a drive assembly with a maximum power of 45kW and a maximum torque of 150N·m.


Sihao E10X adopts Enpower's "four-in-one" electric drive system, which will ensure that the motor, controller, reducer and high-voltage power distribution unit are highly integrated, and the volume is reduced by 30%, and the weight is also reduced by 20%, allowing the acceleration of the Sihao E10X The performance of the A00 car in the same class, the starting acceleration performance is much better. After all, the torque is equivalent to the level of a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, plus the characteristics of full torque output when the motor is started, compared to ordinary fuel vehicles, it is lighter in the early stages of acceleration. In addition, the integrated design of the Impel power domain has brought about further improvements in energy efficiency and increased cruising range, enabling the supporting models to provide consumers with a more comfortable and pleasant driving experience while the price is extremely competitive.



The appearance, intelligent technology, power performance, and battery capacity of Si Hao E10X are outstanding in the A00-class model, which is in line with young people's pursuit of trendy quality. Under the endorsement of Volkswagen's quality, Sihao E10X has achieved quality standards comparable to Volkswagen in many aspects, and will perform well in the continuously expanding A00-class car market.
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